Cover image for the Love of the Land recipe book

For the Love of the Land

21st July 2020

“For the Love of the Land” is a cook book celebrating British Farmers and their food.

Arable farmer’s wife, Jenny Jefferies, compiled this gorgeous book that includes recipes from farmers all across the UK.

For me, as a city boy, visiting different farms was an eye-opening experience. I even got my first ride on a tractor!

The variety of food and locations was amazing to me.  I photographed pheasant crumble, pique macho (a Bolivian inspired beef dish), Cote de Boeuf cooked directly on white hot embers, an Apple Crisp desert by a farmer’s Canadian wife. The Ribeye Tartare recipe from English Farm in Oxfordshire has to be my personal favourite!

During the process of capturing images for the book, the UK went in to lockdown! However, with a little organisation, I was able to cook and photograph several of the dishes at home rather than visiting the contributing farms.


“For the Love of the Land” can be purchased from Meze Publishing’s Book Shop